I’m sorry everyone, but this blog is not going to be updated until mid-August. I’m going on holiday until then, and I will be sans computer, which means no screenshots. I don’t currently have any taken for the next chapter, and I also have nothing else written…yeesh. I will try to get some writing done on holiday and then will post more regularly in the latter half of August and September.

Edit: I have removed the empty chapter. Somehow it got deleted even though I had a full chapter last night. I’m on holiday and can’t fix it. Sorry about that :(. It will be fixed the second I have my computer back!

4 thoughts on “Notice

    1. Yeah I know. WordPress ate it. I’m trying to find old drafts but thee option isn’t coming up on my phone. I have all the pictures on my laptop but none of the words. I’m so annoyed…

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