1.25 – My Own

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Life had been pretty good…for a while. I knew I didn’t really deserve it but I was supposed to forget about that, right?

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Alexis wanted to move out of our apartment, with its dampness issues and temperamental appliances. I resigned myself to finding a new roommate and wished her the best before she told me she wanted me to come along.

That had been really fucking new.

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I turned twenty-five, and actually had a real party. My stomach flipped and churned when all those people showed up at my apartment, with me expected to host and entertain them all. But it wasn’t bad.

07-08-19_10:34:08 PM.jpg07-08-19_11:15:29 PM07-08-19_11:16:25 PM07-08-19_11:17:54 PM

I attended my first wedding-of-a-friend (in fact, my first wedding at all) when Kaylyn finally married Vaughn. It was probably strange that I hadn’t been to one before that…just goes to show how fucking cold I used to be…that’s in the past. I had a good time celebrating anyway.

Lately, I’d been getting more and more sick of working at studios. It wasn’t my employers’ fault – they were good to me. But I wanted to do things my own way, and work for myself.

07-08-19_11:25:38 PM.jpg

I said as much to Kaylyn, after we’d had lunch.

“-but that’s pretty stupid – isn’t it? I should be happy, with what I have.” I continued. I’m not good at business and stuff like that. That’s Clarissa’s domain. She went to college. You dropped out at nineteen.

07-08-19_11:27:16 PM.jpg

“Before you shot your own idea down in a fit of self-doubt,” Kaylyn smiled and shook her head, eyes twinkling. “I was about to say, that’s a great idea and Vaughn and I have been looking into getting into the fitness market around here. It’s growing nice and getting real competitive.”

Heart banging in my chest,  I dared to think she was going to ask me. Believe in yourself and your abilities, you’re very strong, as Alessandra had told me. “You mean…you’d want me?” My voice was small and childish. I could hardly believe she would.

“I would love to work with you, hon! You’re hard-working and strong as hell – and gorgeous! I’d even want to put you all over the…the promotional materials, that’s what it is.”

07-09-19_7:51:32 PM.jpg

“I stopped doing that after…” I could model again, if it was a favour for a friend.

07-09-19_7:49:49 PM.jpg

“Your baby.” Kaylyn mumbled, looking into her lap. “Right, well it’s only an idea. And trust me, you wouldn’t be just a pretty face. We’d have you instructing, maybe even managing – you do know the industry very well. That’s where Vaughn and I need the help.”


07-09-19_7:52:29 PM.jpg

“You’d be my number-one woman for the job, though.” A strange feeling of both elation and treacherous disbelief washed over me.

07-09-19_7:50:57 PM.jpg

I seemed ungrateful, gazing stupidly in silence.”I mean – amazing. Wonderful, I-” I stuttered out. Tears pricked my eyes.

“Sarai? Honey?”

07-09-19_7:50:13 PM.jpg

“I – just – thank you, but there’s so many better – better people – you don’t need me-” I bent my head, sheltering my eyes with one hand.

Kaylyn sighed. “I’d rather have you than anyone else. And two minutes ago you were talking like you wanted to start running your own place, so-”

07-09-19_7:51:32 PM.jpg

“It’s just…you want me?” I weakly finished.

That was what got me, that someone wanted me and trusted me for something like this. Which I’d wanted for a while…but even after everything I learned, the friendships and all the therapy, after I stopped being a pathetic slut and having sex just to feel, I couldn’t believe that I was good enough to be properly wanted. To be someone’s first choice.

You’ll never be, said the evil little voice that still liked to come around.

Shut up, I mentally snapped back at it as I prepared to leave.

07-09-19_7:54:11 PM.jpg

“Come here.” Kaylyn stopped me. “I know you don’t see yourself for the amazing person that you are, but don’t you fret about this! Ooh, it’s so perfect! We’ll work so well together! You’re the best I can think of for this.”

“But I-”

She wasn’t having it. “Yes, you are. Let’s get to work, huh?”

07-09-19_7:54:27 PM.jpg

This is objectively something good, I reminded myself. You didn’t trick her, she knows you, and she seems to really want you on board. And of course I wanted this too. So I didn’t argue.

07-09-19_7:55:04 PM.jpg

07-09-19_8:56:25 PM.jpg

“Here we are. 35 Palm Leaf Avenue. Ooh, it’s such a gorgeous neighbourhood.” Kaylyn gushed. “We’re…just on time. Hope the realtor’s there this time.” She was referring to our last viewing, when we were kept waiting for half an hour without so much as a courtesy text.

07-09-19_8:57:57 PM.jpg

I attempted to laugh and smile as a normal person would, but I was a little too fidgety and anxious. I clenched my hands, wrapping my fingers around each other, as if that would leach all the tension out.

07-09-19_8:56:38 PM

“Also, I’ve made some calls and I have two more lined up if this doesn’t go well, so don’t worry so much, alright? There’ll be somewhere.”

07-09-19_8:58:45 PM.jpg

Immediately squirming inside with guilt, I started making excuses. Coward. “Well, I was busy…with work, and I know I should do more but-”

07-09-19_8:59:30 PM.jpg

“Exactly, you work full-time. I don’t mind at all – and you’ll have a heavy workload once this starts up.” Kaylyn grinned and nudged me. “Come on, let’s go in.”

07-09-19_9:02:38 PM.jpg

Our realtor was nicely on time. “Good afternoon,” he greeted, extending a hand. “I’m Lachlan Waterman from GreenBox, and I’ll be showing you around today.”

07-09-19_9:03:27 PM.jpg

As always, Kaylyn took the lead, shaking his hand and introducing us. “I’m Kaylyn Adams, this is my business partner Sarai Hayes, and it’s very nice to meet you, Lachlan.”

“Likewise. Now, I’ll show you to the front area…”

07-09-19_9:05:08 PM07-09-19_9:08:35 PM

The property was beautiful, the best out of the three we’d seen so far. There were gorgeous airy windows in the front, perfect for a lobby. The space at the back could be easily made into locker rooms. And the two studios, one upstairs, one down, were large and light and calming, exactly what Kaylyn and I wanted.

07-09-19_9:10:05 PM.jpg07-09-19_9:14:50 PM.jpg07-09-19_9:11:17 PM.jpg

We finished the tour on the balcony. Kaylyn was musing to herself about getting plants and little stools to set up a meditation area.

07-09-19_9:12:22 PM.jpg

“What’s this all for?” Lachlan asked me.

“Well…” God, he would think it was stupid…why did I care? “Me and my friend, we’re, uh, looking to open up a yoga studio.”

07-09-19_9:17:52 PM.jpg

“Oh, that’s…interesting.” he fudged. I was ready to make excuses and leave in shame – seemed like I couldn’t sell any kind of idea. No wonder you need Kaylyn, you weak-“That’s really cool, striking out on your own.”

“Thanks.” I fidgeted. Was he being sincere?

07-09-19_9:15:34 PM.jpg

“Seriously,” he laughed, visibly relaxing. His wide brown eyes lit up. “I guess…do you teach, or invest-?”

07-09-19_9:18:18 PM.jpg

“I do. Teach. But, I want to…work for myself. Even if that’s-”

07-09-19_9:18:45 PM.jpg

“It’s really cool.” he insisted. “Hell, I’m just…GreenBox’s lackey.”

07-09-19_9:13:48 PM.jpg

I found myself smiling. “And I’m the same for gyms across this city.”

“Touché. Good on you for getting out of that. Well…I hope this place suited. I kind of need the commission.” he joked.

“Thanks and…yeah, it does.”

07-09-19_9:19:27 PM.jpg

“This place is perfect!” Kaylyn squealed.

07-09-19_9:20:32 PM.jpg

“So you wanna take it?” I asked her.

“I’m a hundred percent sure, honey, but I’ll do nothing without your approval.” she assured, grasping my hands.

“Well…the office is a five minute walk.” said Lachlan. “Um…I’m gonna get a coffee on the way, would either of you like one?”

07-09-19_9:21:18 PM.jpg

“Just take Sarai, I’ve got the address, I’ll meet you there.” Kaylyn ushered us away and picked up her phone. “That’s my husband. Come on, Sarai, go.” She winked at me.

07-09-19_9:22:35 PM.jpg07-09-19_9:22:57 PM.jpg

I glared back, but still followed Lachlan and his gorgeous brown eyes. He’d been nice after all.

Author’s Note: Yeah, so I’m back after about…a year? Honestly, this last year has been crazy and pretty difficult at times for me. Sarai’s story was really hard to write about, plus I was losing interest in playing the Sims myself (though I’ve been keeping up on many wonderful stories, if not commenting), so I did stop for a long time…but things are better right now and I do want to continue this. Sorry if the screenshots are a little shaky, it’s been a while! Also, credit to skcaga9 for the wonderful Kaylyn (and her brother Kody, visible at Sarai’s party).

Also, I don’t know shit about real estate so sorry for any inaccuracies.

9 thoughts on “1.25 – My Own

  1. Welcome back! ❤️ I’m happy you in a better place and look forward to more of this story. And the screenshots were great! This story was a bit dark for awhile, so I can see how that might’ve been hard. It just never seemed she would rise about her self hatred and doubt. It’s good to see her actively working to be better. She’s in such a better place now. And maybe there is a love connection in the future with Lachlan. He’s a cutie. And if not him, well at least she ready for that with someone.


    1. Thanks! It’s good to be back. I’ve got the rest of the generation planned…

      Yeah, Sarai did it. I at least tried to show that she’s always had a lot of willpower, but she channeled it towards her work and fitness. She’s doing well now she put that willpower towards her mental health.

      Maybe she is ready for love…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I hope she is ready for love. She does have a lot of strength, but was channeling it the wrong direction. Can’t wait to see more.


  2. It’s good to see you again! I was surprised when I saw you commented on Audrey’s story – it sure has been a while. Thrilled to know you want to continue doing it!
    I’m happy that Sarai seems to finally be doing better. She’s come a long way, and I’m glad she’s learned to shush that stupid voice telling her she can’t do something. She absolutely can!
    I do wonder if there will be more to her and Lachlan’s relationship.


    1. Yeah I know, it’s been way too long :(. I’m gonna start regularly commenting on stories again I’m sure.

      Sarai has learned…the voice hasn’t completely gone away, but she’s dealing with it really well and following her dreams.

      We will see!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m really glad you’re back, I thought this story had been discontinued, so it’s great to know it’s not!

    I’m glad that Sarai seems to be finding happiness and allowing herself to have it. She’s been through so much, it’s really special to see her more comfortable in her own shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly I was considering it discontinued for many months. Due to life events I just had no drive or ideas for it. But I do want to continue.

      She is finding happiness and doing so much better! I love writing her this way.


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