2.1 – Birthday

(Everyone’s ages – Sarai & Lachlan – 40, Elias – 10, Farrah – 3, Dianne – 42, Colton – 14, Caleb – 9, Clarissa – 70, Miles & Adela – 73)

(Also, sorry it’s been two weeks, tbh the reason there hasn’t been updates is because I bought a Switch and got really obsessed with it for a while because I haven’t had a console in so long. But I’m back working on this story now. Hope you enjoy!)

08-28-19_6:57:57 PM.jpg

When I went downstairs Dad was facepalming about something but then pretended like he wasn’t. Maybe he doesn’t want this party either. “Eli!” he said. “If you set the table in five minutes, we’ll let you have two pieces of Mom’s cake, OK?”

08-28-19_6:57:17 PM.jpg

It’s still pretty annoying that they’re so flipping obvious about doing what the doctor told them. I was almost tempted to pretend like I ‘got distracted’ and stop setting the table on purpose! Then I wouldn’t get cake though, and that’s the only good thing about this stupid party.

I’m turning ten and I have to have my party with my mom who’s turning super-old (or forty) anyway and is making me do this dumb party with her! It’s not even my party. It’s super-duper obviously hers but I guess she felt bad that the triplets couldn’t come on my actual birthday in a few days so she made me join even though that’s NOT BETTER. And I don’t really know anyone else.

I just know I’m gonna have to watch Farrah – still more fun than talking to all the boring adults! It’s funny. I remember when she was born I really didn’t want her, but I don’t really mind now. She can be kinda fun.

08-28-19_6:58:26 PM.jpg

“Play!” She can’t even walk right and it always looks like she’ll fall over. Mom and Dad just laugh when I say it and they say the same thing – ‘it’s cos she’s so little, Eli’. She was kicking this cat toy around and squealing.

08-28-19_7:00:56 PM.jpg

What if she falls?

08-28-19_7:03:18 PM.jpg

“Play!” she insisted, when I went to her. I didn’t really wanna say no.

08-28-19_7:02:37 PM.jpg08-28-19_7:03:45 PM.jpg

“Eli…” Uh-oh. She was using the Mom voice. “Why have you put all the cutlery on the floor? Come here, Farrah.” Farrah started crying! Moms just ruin things! Like when she made me stop doing swimming on Thursdays to go to the doctors. But I get to do it once school starts again.

08-28-19_7:11:32 PM.jpg08-28-19_7:10:38 PM.jpg

“Mom, let her play!” I protested. It’s so not fair! It was fun! And it’s apparently my birthday as well and Farrah’s my sister and I’m supposed to be nice to her anyway so why can’t we do fun things together? Someone should look after her cos Mom and Dad don’t even care right now. They’re doing stuff for the party. And I didn’t even mean to get distracted!

08-28-19_7:12:06 PM.jpg

“Sorry, Eli. We need to get ready.” said Mom. “When did she get that dust in her hair? If you’re going to play with your sister, try to keep her clean.”

08-28-19_7:12:24 PM.jpg


08-28-19_7:14:20 PM.jpg

“Now pick all of this up and put it in the sink. Turn the water on and remember – don’t look away. I’ll get Dad to come in and help you but until then – don’t look away.”

08-28-19_7:17:50 PM.jpg

Doctor Jay said they only tell me this super-annoying stuff because I’ve got ADHD. Basically it’s just that I’m too hyper and I don’t get still enough or do the right things. But according to him and my parents I can, but I just have to try. Boring!

08-28-19_7:18:59 PM.jpg

“You haven’t flooded the kitchen, huh son?” Dad mocked me when he came over. I scowled. I was getting so sick of them!

08-28-19_7:20:01 PM.jpg

“I’m not stupid, Dad!” I snapped. “I can listen…sometimes. I just forget things and everything’s boring!”

08-28-19_7:26:15 PM.jpg

He held up his hands. “Whoa, sorry bud. I was just teasing you…thank you for washing all of the cutlery. That’s really helpful. Next time we go out, we’re gonna get you a soda.” Mom hates soda because again – moms don’t like anything that’s fun!

Dad wrote it on one of the sticky notes and put it on the board. The board is super sucky and boring and it’s full of sooo many things I’m supposed to do. The doctor told mom and dad that it would help me remember stuff but all it does is make mom and dad remind me of stuff I would have remembered anyway…maybe I would have.

08-28-19_7:28:16 PM.jpg

“Now go get your stuff out of the hallway. Auntie Dianne’s gonna get here in fifteen minutes.”

“Do I get extra stuff if I do it in fifteen minutes?” I asked. So I was kinda making fun…

“No. Just do it.”

08-28-19_10:02:50 PM.jpg08-28-19_10:03:05 PM.jpg

This has been the worst party ever!

08-28-19_10:30:22 PM.jpg

Random people that I don’t even KNOW keep telling me that I’ve grown lots and stupid sappy stuff. I don’t care what you think! And I know I’ve grown lots since whenever in the Dark Ages you saw me last so don’t TELL ME.

08-28-19_10:07:27 PM.jpg08-28-19_10:09:12 PM.jpg

Caleb and this other kids, Yann, were being really mean and tried to push me off the monkey bars. But that wasn’t very long cos then Mom called all the kids for lunch. Colton and Iris just talked to each other. They’re pretty cool…so they don’t wanna talk to me. NOBODY who’s cool actually does.

08-28-19_10:13:23 PM.jpg08-28-19_10:12:43 PM.jpg08-28-19_10:13:46 PM.jpg

And THEN some other kid (Dani or something) started chatting to Caleb. He stopped being nasty with Yann but then he wouldn’t even talk to me and just talked to Dani the whole time! And everyone else who’s not a grown-up is Farrah and Jacob who are super little anyway. They played together. It’s so not fair. Farrah doesn’t even talk properly and she has a friend here and I…I don’t.

So I was just sat eating lunch in silence apart from when my parents told me to get back to the table even though it was boring.

08-28-19_10:26:41 PM.jpg

Then Mom brought out the cake, which was really good, even though I’m only allowed one bit because I didn’t set the table properly.

“Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to Sarai and Eli!” They all had to rush out MY name. It sounded stupid and it just reminded me that it’s not even my party.

08-28-19_10:29:19 PM.jpg08-28-19_10:18:06 PM.jpg

Me and Mom blew out the candles, and the second I sat down something cold hit my lap.

08-28-19_10:18:58 PM.jpg

“Oops.” Caleb snickered. He’d thrown my drink at me on PURPOSE! Dani and Yann fell about giggling. I wanted to punch them right there and then – I swear I could have.

08-28-19_10:19:46 PM.jpg

“Screw you Caleb!” I yelled out. Some of the adults looked at me so I didn’t say anything else.

“Maybe that wasn’t very nice.” Dani considered as I tried to dry my trousers.

08-28-19_10:20:08 PM.jpg

“W-whatever.” Caleb had this gross cocky look on his face. I wanted to hit him. “He’s just a freak-boy who I could totally beat in soccer even though he’s a whole year older than me AND his mom makes him skip all the practice so he can go to the nuthouse!” he jeered.

08-28-19_10:21:42 PM.jpg

I couldn’t even look at anyone after that. It looked like I PEED myself and it wouldn’t dry! And Dani and Caleb wouldn’t stop laughing. I decided right then that I was just gonna sit by myself and eat my cake when I FINALLY got some and drink the lemonade Auntie Dianne gave me.

I felt so pathetic. I must be really pathetic if this is my birthday.

08-28-19_10:22:28 PM.jpg08-28-19_10:22:55 PM.jpg

Then I realised all my fun gifts were inside waiting to be opened! By ME! “Bye-bye!” I yelled, and I got to run away from the boring adults and mean Dani and Caleb and the dumb party that wasn’t even mine.

Mom and Dad were yelling after me but I didn’t even care. Cos I’m DONE…even though I left my DS outside. Oops.


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    1. Yeah Eli is having a hard time. He doesn’t like being ‘labelled’ y’know. Caleb isn’t very nice – some cousin to have! Lachlan…we’ll see what’s up with him. You’re right that both parents were stressed about this.

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