1.31 – My Sunshine

(A couple NSFW screenshots)

07-23-19_9:16:13 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:16:26 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:40:19 PM.jpg07-23-19_8:38:39 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:10:56 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:06:42 PM07-23-19_9:09:25 PM.jpg07-23-19_10:04:02 PM.jpg07-23-19_10:04:53 PM.jpg07-23-19_10:09:46 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:01:15 PM07-23-19_9:02:17 PM07-23-19_9:22:55 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:13:05 PM07-23-19_9:13:28 PM07-23-19_9:30:14 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:30:28 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:34:58 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:35:47 PM07-23-19_9:45:06 PM.jpg07-23-19_10:16:55 PM.jpg07-23-19_10:17:29 PM.jpg07-23-19_10:36:26 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:48:14 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:49:32 PM.jpg07-23-19_9:52:17 PM.jpg07-23-19_10:25:42 PM.jpg07-23-19_8:46:47 PM.jpg07-23-19_8:52:57 PM.jpg07-23-19_8:55:30 PM07-23-19_10:51:37 PM.jpg

07-24-19_9:50:37 PM.jpg

“What’s eating you, sunshine?”

07-24-19_9:51:57 PM.jpg

I put down my phone and turned to face my boyfriend of almost a year. “Are you being sarcastic?”

07-24-19_9:53:25 PM.jpg

Lachlan reared back and held up his hands. “No! I call you sunshine because you light up my life. But fine. I am asking you this because I noticed you…something appears to be up.”

07-24-19_9:54:01 PM.jpg

Despite the news, I couldn’t help briefly smiling. He’s so sweet. I’m lucky to have him. Without Lachlan, there wouldn’t be an amazing-smelling dinner cooking in the oven, for one thing. “You’re cheesy. And it’s nothing, it’s just…Dianne cancelled lunch. Again. I haven’t seen her in months.” I complained like a child. She’d just had Colton so of course she’d have less time for me.

And you’re pouting about it like a whiny little brat. What’s wrong with you? Be happy for your friend! Isn’t this what you were like when Alexis moved out? Your friends are gonna move on without you…and truly leave you if you don’t start being happy with-

07-24-19_9:55:02 PM.jpg

“Earth to Sarai?”

“Oh.” Now I can’t even pay attention to my loving boyfriend. “Sorry.”

07-24-19_9:56:01 PM.jpg

“I know it sucks.” he said. “But we gotta remember that when life circumstances take our friends a little further away from us, it doesn’t mean they’re leaving for good? I remember you were a proponent of that a couple months ago.” He gave a crooked smile. It had been pretty hard for him, and consequently me, when his closest friend here, Dax, and his husband moved away.

07-24-19_9:58:49 PM.jpg

“I do know that.” I huffed. “It just…it sucks. She already cancelled once. And she won’t let me come over to the house, says it’s too messy. I don’t care about that!”

“She must be really overwhelmed I guess…”

07-24-19_9:56:50 PM.jpg

I tried not to read his tone as accusatory. That’s clearly not what he was going for. Bad person…he thinks you’re a bad person, you are a-

I forced myself to shut the voice up.

07-24-19_9:59:54 PM.jpg

“So maybe talk to your aunt and uncle, see if you guys can help her out a bit.”

07-24-19_9:54:01 PM

“She won’t want – maybe I could help her hire a cleaning service or something. Maybe she’d be OK with that.” I sighed. “It’s still a bit shit that she can’t do lunch. But,” I took a deep breath. “She’s still there. I’ll be fine.”

07-24-19_10:00:57 PM.jpg

“Yeah you will.” Lachlan stood up and pulled me towards him. After his little talk I felt kinda OK. I rested my head on his shoulder and smiled…cos I think we make a pretty good team.

07-24-19_10:39:46 PM.jpg

My good mood took a dip the second I walked into Lachlan’s apartment. Something was definitely up. Silently praying that he wasn’t getting depressed again – not that I’d mind, I just didn’t want the man I love to go through that again.

“Oh – Sarai. Hi.”

07-24-19_10:40:47 PM.jpg

I smiled. “I guess I’m sunshine today.” – I gently dropped onto the couch beside him, stroking his back.

07-24-19_10:42:02 PM.jpg

“You’re always my sunshine.” The corner of his mouth lifted slightly upwards.

“Glad to hear it. Do you wanna talk, or shall we leave this one?”

07-24-19_10:43:36 PM.jpg

“It’s nothing – OK, fine. It’s something. My parents are in town for some conference and they tried to ambush me at work. Luckily I was leaving for two consecutive viewings, and then they had a bunch of meetings to get to. What a shame that our schedules didn’t align more closely.” he sarcastically finished.

07-24-19_10:46:27 PM.jpg

“At least it wasn’t too long an interaction.” I tried to offer an optimistic spin on the situation. We’d found that helped.

07-24-19_10:45:33 PM.jpg

“Yeah, still too long.” He’s just irritated, it’s not a personal jab at your advice. “Anyway, it was the usual BS – why do I still work at that ‘new-build environmental crap’, why don’t I have a promotion or more money, why don’t I come home and work for them, am I still cooking? They could get me people for that!” he angrily mocked, his voice steadily rising in volume throughout the whole tirade. “Never mind that I’d rather be the fucking janitor for GreenBox instead of putting one foot into Waterman Casinos.”

07-24-19_10:46:58 PM.jpg

“Exactly. You made your own path, and they sound like pretty controlling people, so of course they don’t like it.”

07-24-19_10:47:30 PM.jpg

“The thing is, I know this crap. I mean, it’s not-” I nodded to show that I understood what he meant. “But there’s always that stupid little voice going off in the back of my mind telling me that they’re right and that everything I’ve done was a crapshoot and I’m…a failure.” His voice cracked on that last word. “I’m glad you’re here. I worked myself up into a right state.” He attempted a laugh, but it came out limp and bitter.

07-24-19_10:48:57 PM

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” I assured him.

07-24-19_10:11:39 PM.jpg

“I have news!” Kaylyn shrieked, bursting into the office.

“Jesus!” I nearly knocked the laptop onto the floor in surprise. “Does nobody know how to knock?”

07-24-19_10:13:26 PM.jpg

“Sorry, sorry, I’m just really excited, really happy – like I said, hon, I’ve got news!”

“Oh…what is it?” I asked.

07-24-19_10:12:55 PM.jpg

“I’m pregnant!”

07-24-19_10:22:11 PM.jpg

I didn’t expect that. “Th-that’s great!” I stuttered out, trying to smile. Internally, my mind was racing. Would it be like when this place first opened and I did everything because I made myself, except this time it would be out of necessity? Was Kaylyn going to have as hard a time adjusting to motherhood as Dianne did, and drop out of my life for months?

07-24-19_10:22:45 PM.jpg

“You’re not – I’m sorry -” Kaylyn tripped over her words. I knew what she was getting at. Even after all these years my heart slightly tugged when I thought of Nolan.

07-24-19_10:23:26 PM.jpg

“It’s not that.” I assured her. “I’ve moved past it. I was just thinking about…well this place. It’ll be a lot-”

07-24-19_10:14:48 PM

“I thought of it the second we started trying! I’ll hire someone to do the reception work, so Ann can focus on helping you with management. She knows the place really well. I have it handled, Sarai – you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging.” Her tone was serious.

07-24-19_10:24:45 PM.jpg

“Thank you.” I gripped her hand for a second. “I’m really happy for you and Vaughn, I was just – surprised! I never knew you guys wanted a kid.”

“We’ve been considering it for a long time…and finally took the plunge.” Kaylyn said. “I found out a month ago – and I couldn’t be happier, seriously.”

07-24-19_10:25:45 PM.jpg07-24-19_10:27:14 PM.jpg

I gave her a hug and she left me to scheduling. Cognitively I was truly happy for her – she was so elated and I care about her, why wouldn’t I be? But I felt empty and alone. Even though we’re still friends.

You’re just whining because both of your friends went off to have their own families and your selfish ass can’t deal.

07-24-19_10:27:22 PM.jpg

Or maybe I just miss the way things used to be between us. Besides, I know that I have never once acted like both of my closest friends getting pregnant and going off to focus on that was an attack on me. Maybe I’m in the clear here.

There’s nothing wrong with missing someone.

Plus, I still have Lachlan and the studio and a few other people I know. My life is full of so many wonderful things…things I’m still not sure I deserve, given all the shit I’ve done…

07-24-19_10:27:57 PM.jpg

What would Lachlan do about this? After Dax moved away, he got closer to some of the people at work. Uriah and Owen and Delia are all really nice.

07-24-19_10:29:40 PM.jpg

Then there’s the roommate I used to have…I don’t see Alexis nearly enough since she moved out. And I remember mentioning lack of desire to have a child…

07-24-19_10:58:18 PM.jpg

“Hey, it’s me…it’s Sarai. I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry. Things have been crazy. Do you wanna see Maybelle Goes Away or something?”

07-24-19_10:56:56 PM.jpg

“Fuck yeah! Emma hates horror, she’ll love it if you take me out instead.” Alexis joked. “Let’s do it. And we can grab a meal on one end of it. It’ll be nice to catch up.”

6 thoughts on “1.31 – My Sunshine

  1. I think it’s very realistic that Sarai is still not completely better, and it certainly adds depth. She and Lachlan are seriously so good for each other (I say it too much, lol) and I love to see them supporting each other.

    Congratulations to Kaylyn, as well!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, Lachlan’s feelings must be similar to Sarai’s, as he often feels like a failure too… I love the work you put into this crazy amount of screenshots, they look so good ♥
    Well, Sarai will feel better when she catches up with Alexis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I took over 100 pics for this chapter lol. I would like them to look better but there’s only so much my computer can handle.

      Lachlan and Sarai do have a lot of similar feelings. They both were raised in pretty emotionally harsh environments…but they help each other!

      I think she will!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww.. she still struggles but is getting better at stopping the self doubt. And Lachlan, he needs her as much as she needs him. He’s got a similar situation with his parents telling him he isn’t good enough. Thank goodness they found each other.

    Liked by 1 person

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